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Property Investment Loans

Niche Finance offers a host of effective investment loan options and loan strategies to assist in realizing your financial goals and investment property portfolio growth.

Setting up your investment loan correctly in the first place is vital, with countless loan types, structures and bank jargon in the market today – Niche finance take these complexities away. We make suggestions and explain why in laymen’s terms on your loan options, structure and strategies in mind.

Investing in property has several prospective benefits, including rental income, capital growth and tax minimization such as negative gearing. You may also avoid any initial outlay in an investment purchase if you have equity in an existing property, obtaining a bank valuation to determine this through Niche Finance could be your starting point.

Depending on your individual scenario and future strategy your property investment loan would primarily be:

Interest Only Home Loans:

  • Your repayments only cover the interest component of the loan
  • Loan term can range from 1-10 years followed by Principal & Interest repayment over remaining 20-30 year term
  • Most lenders do offer to re-negotiate a further interest only term prior to expiry
  • Interest only repayments are slightly less than Principal & Interest repayments and can assist with negative gearing calculations

Seeking Independent Legal Advice

Niche Finance always recommends their clients seek independent legal and financial advice to determine if property investment is the right strategy for you. Whether you have tax effective need, capital growth or future retirement strategy or all of the above, it is always best practice to verify your plan upfront.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing benefits are a key factor for most property investors and a negatively geared property is simply when you’re ‘in comings’ (rental income received) are less that your ‘outgoings’ (borrowing & maintenance costs) for the associated investment property. It is this shortfall or loss that can possibly be utilized as a tax deduction against your taxable income.

Consulting your financial adviser or accountant is always recommended to verify the negative gearing benefits to your individual case.

Contact Niche Finance for an Obligation Free Chat About:

  • How much you can borrow
  • What the costs associated with buying an investment property would be
  • Or, if you already have an investment loan how about a free loan health-check?