Business Finance

Niche Finance has over many years, assisted an array of self employed clients with very individual commercial scenarios. We work closely with our client’s legal and tax advisers as well as our experienced financiers to determine the most suitable facilities and structure to assist with operating and growing their business.

Whether you’re considering:

  • Business expansion
  • Purchase or construction of a new premises

Whether you’re requiring better pricing or more flexibility:

  • Re-financing and restructuring your existing business lending (could prove favourable to your cash flow & bottom line!)

Whether you’re experiencing:

  • Cash flow restrictions or require additional working capital

Obtaining the best possible business funding structure for a bank proposal requires experience and the consideration of many key factors including:

  • Understanding your businesses cash flow cycle
  • Capacity to service
  • Structure
  • Nature of business
  • Management experience
  • Competition
  • Nature of security
  • Crucial financial analysis ratio

The Niche finance director offers an appreciation of having a business banking background and understanding bank policy to the intricacies of owning and operating her own business and appreciating cash-flow is king! Offering an objective and understanding approach to your business lending needs.

At Niche finance we assist our clients each step of the way from beginning to end in the commercial application process.

Do you want to be guided the most professional way possible through this process?

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Typical information required for a business loan application:

  • Last 2-3 years tax returns, profit and loss and balance sheets for all trading entities where any income is derived
  • Last 2 years personal tax returns for all borrowers and/or guarantors
  • 100 points certified ID for all borrowers and guarantors
  • Rates notices on all properties you own
  • Last 12 months business trading statements
  • Last 12 months personal banking statements
  • Last 12 months on all current loans, ie. home loans, leasing/vehicle loans, credit cards
  • If you are operating under a trust, you will need to provide a certified copy of your trust deed
  • Commitment schedule of existing vehicle, plant and equipment facilities

Additional information that may be required for a business loan application:

  • Copy of your current ATO tax portal to confirm all tax liabilities are up to date
  • Management accounts for the financial year to date
  • BAS statements
  • Copy of any leases in place – evidencing rental income
  • Copy of the original letter of offer for all current loans
  • Business plan
  • Cash flow forecast

This list is intended as a guide only and may or may not be relevant to your specific situation; generally speaking the more information provided the better offer we can secure for you!